Finding hope through India’s story

When you feel let down by the world,

Remember how our country rose

From the ashes that colonialism left.

Learn to rise above

The people and situations that put you to the test.

When you feel weak and insufficient,

Remember the Green revolution

Which helped India move from food shortage to surplus.

Learn that weakness can give way to strength

And failure to success.

When you feel overwhelmed by your problems,

Think of the number of covid vaccine doses given

More than two billion!

Learn that even the impossible can be achieved

With courage and conviction.

When you feel held back by your past,

Remember India went from a dismal literacy rate

To a leader in technology, education, and medicine.

Learn that where you come from

Need not dictate where you are going.

When you feel a fear of the unknown,

Just see how our nation has grown.

From a Land of snake-charmers

To a land of entrepreneurs

From female infanticide

To a female President and All-women contingent

From Flag Satyagraha

To Har Ghar Tiranga

From being ignored and belittled

To being honored and celebrated

Today and every day let our nation inspire us

To contribute to a future much more glorious.



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